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a bit about me:

My passion has always been business, and my interest has always been the black female audience. The alignment of my purpose both personally and professionally allowed me to birth BLACK GIRL DIGITAL, INC. and InfluencerLINKR (iLINKR), where our mission is to be a solution to equity wage disparities for Black and Multicultural women in the influencer marketing industry. After 5 years of being in business, it is clear to me now more than ever why God put me here! I’ve worked in corporate America for over 13 years from agencies, ad networks, to brand direct and while I gained a vast amount of experience and knowledge, nothing has brought me more satisfaction than building my own successful multicultural agency that services the black female community.


Hire me to speak on:

  • The wage gap between Black Female Influencers and their white counter-parts

  • The black female consumer digital shopping journey

  • Taking your business from Six-figures to 7-figures

  • Diversity within the Influencer Marketing space

  • Racism within the Advertising Industry

  • Mastering Corporate Entrepreneurship

  • Empowerment (women & youth)

  • Branding in a Saturated Market

  • Digital Marketing


I am also open to creating a custom talk based on your audience. I would love to host your next digital business workshop as well. 

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